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AnK InFocus

Tell Share Remember
Video and photography that
bring life to your stories. 

About Us

Your Stories

We believe that everyone has an incredible story to tell, and it's our mission to help them tell it. Telling the stories of your life is a wonderful gesture for your family and friends, and can even be used to send a message in a bottle to your future relatives. 

Videos of this kind were once reserved for movie stars, athletes, and celebrities. But at AnK InFocus, we're giving everyday people the chance to experience this as well. 

Don't wait until the end to tell the story of your life. Tell it now, so that people will remember it as you did. 

Our Services


Weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, anniversaries... even a day out at the park - these are the most precious moments in our lives, and we can help you capture them so that you may treasure them always. 

We can be that fly on the wall, discreet and respectful so that you'll barely notice us, capturing people in their most natural element. Or we can be part of the event itself, giving everyone a front row seat to the occasion. It's entirely up to you. 

Our videos are mastered in high resolution and will thrill with their cinematic feel. And you'll be able to enjoy them anywhere, on any platform. 


We are highly experienced in business management, marketing, and communications; and we understand the diverse needs of a corporate communications strategy. 

Our videos have the potential to be aligned with your strategic plan and goals, including:

  • Customer engagement and satisfaction

  • Launching a new campaign

  • Internal communications

  • Staff learning and development

  • Growth from new and existing clients.

AnK InFocus is also uniquely placed to provide advice on content strategy, media trends, and analytics. 

You've got a story to tell? We'll help you tell it. AnK InFocus puts life into your stories through video and photo production. Our passion is bringing people and communities together through empathy and understanding. 

Andrew and Kevin (the A and K in the business name) have the unique ability to reveal the heart in your story, to capture what's unique and important, thanks to their years of experience in media production, storytelling, marketing, and business management. 


Meet Your Team

Kevin Cheung

In this video, Kevin shares why he believes it is important to share our stories. 

Andrew Mason
B. Inside Calendar Cover Andrew Mason MA

In this video, Andrew captures the love story of his father-inlaw and mother-in-law, John and Betty.

Meet the Team




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Andrew Mason

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Kevin Cheung

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Betty and John
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IWCA Behind the scenes
Charlotte and Paul
Unisson Disability Open Day